Medals are a great addition to any event or tournament and an economic way to make the memory last. Mementos provides everything from stock, ready to order medals, to fully customizable medals, and everything in between. We laser engrave the back of each individual medal to make them as customized and as personal as possible. Choose a standard wording for each medal or individualize each wording at no extra charge. The last thing left for you to choose is your neck ribbon colour.
Mementos offers a large selection of colours to fit your event or association. Have something in mind? Have a question?
Give us a call, send us an email or pop in!

Stock Custom Medals

Your choice of 1” or 2” stock medal, with a customizable, full colour disk insert in the front. Send us your design or logo so we can make it fit your medal and send you a proof. Choose your neck ribbon colour and wording and you are ready to go.

Custom Medals

Mementos provides an option to create your own fully customized medal. Send us your design and the size, shape and colour are all up to you. You can also choose your own wording, and pick your neck ribbon colour. The medal is truly your own!

Stock Medals

Stock medals are a quick, easy and affordable way to provide a team or event with a souvenir of their hard work. Check out our selection and pick the medal and neck ribbon you like best. Then, you have the option to have each medal laser engraved with custom wording. It’s as easy as that!

Neck Ribbons